The top trends in iOS app development for 2018

2017 has already been a great year for iOS. Apple brought in two new iPhone devices – iPhone 8 (Plus) and iPhone X – in the market. Also, the company provided major updates on iOS 11. Apple has been quite active throughout the year. With new trends affecting the entire iOS ecosystem, developers too are tuning them for their ongoing and upcoming iOS app development projects.

ioS app development

Here is what we can expect to trend in the world of iOS application development in 2018.

Augmented Reality

When iOS 11 was launched with an ample list of features, the most hyped update was the support to Augmented Reality apps. Amazon announced the Sumerian application platform in the compatibility with Apple’s ARKit framework which allows iOS app developers to build augmented reality, virtual reality and 3D apps for iPad and iPhone devices.

Big companies have already made significant investments in the building of the infrastructure for augmented reality and virtual reality apps. We can expect that we would see an increasing number of iOS apps based on the concept of augmented reality.

Core Machine Learning

Apple has also introduced the machine learning framework called the Core ML and is already using it in several of its products like Camera, Siri and QuickType. iPhone app developers around the world are now exploring that how they can use the machine learning capabilities in iOS apps. Developers would only need to add a few lines of code within the apps along with the framework code.

The Core ML has 3 libraries and computer vision techniques helping in detecting faces, natural language processing and AI game development. Also, there is improved security for the apps detecting faces to operate certain functionalities. The Core ML will also help gaming industry to come with more powerful games.

The Core ML will, of course, help iPhone app developers to build smarter and more interactive apps in the year 2018 and beyond.


Introduced by Apple, the Swift programming language is consistently getting popularity among developers. Here is the screen short of December 2017’s ranking of Swift, according to TIOBE Index.

languages ranking TIOB

Almost all developers in iOS app development have now learned that Swift is a highly robust and scalable language. Swift 4 is a way more advanced version than its predecessors. App developers are capable of building apps faster without any compromise in terms of security and features. Apps created with this version will consume lesser memory in comparison of previous versions as well as Objective C.

We will see more apps being built with Swift 4.

Apple HomeKit

Developers have already started to show interest in Apple HomeKit, the framework developed by the company for home automation. The company introduced Apple HomeKit to allow smart devices at home to communicate with each other. Here Siri can be used to command these devices on an iPhone device.

Apple HomeKit is definitely in the eye of developers and, they surely bring in HomeKit based home automation apps in 2018.

Artificial Intelligence & Contextual Learning for Siri

We all using iPhone devices are well aware of Siri but now with artificial intelligence and contextual learning, Siri offers a GPS pin while sending messages. Also, the new Siri can work as task manager allowing you to easily access your city mobile app along with a QR a code for WeChat.

So, Siri’s AI is going to be trending in the upcoming years.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is the app by Apple itself. It’s a mobile payment and digital wallet service powering iOS device users to make online payment. The app can also be used to book tickets to airlines, event, etc. Users can also send and receive money in their message. The Apple Pay service can also be integrated into apps for cashless transactions.

In 2018, we will see that Apple Pay will have increased usage in ecommerce transaction made on other iOS apps.

File Management

The iOS 11 has several new features which have already created much excitement among developer. One of them is file management app termed as Files. It allows the app users to easily manage cloud into a single location. You may have presentation of GDriven, or personal images and videos on Dropbox, but with the Files app, you can create a single dashboard where you can actually access and handle all the apps from the single location.


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