Try Nasa’s Eyes app to have the simulated view of Pluto flyby (and more updates)

There is no way we can see the Pluto’s flyby of Nasa’s New Horizon spacecraft live but don’t get disappointed as Nasa has developed a wonderful app called “Eyes on the Solar System” app that provides a simulated view of this epic event to be taking place in next few hours.
Business Insider India has published a pretty good article for those who are interested in viewing this flyby in real time. Only 5 hours of time is remaining when Nasa’s spacecraft will flyby Pluto as closely as  within 7,750  miles.


Explore more information about Pluto flyby on The Verge and Business Insider India.

Google doodles Pluto’s flyby

Google has just put an adorable doodle celebrating the New Horizons’ Pluto flyby. The whole world is waiting for this epic event and Google too has contributed its share with this cartoon doodle showing  New Horizons zipping past the dwarf planet. 


Do you know how New Horizons space craft sends images to earth?

The space craft New Horizons have started beaming back photographs of Pluto’s surface. On Saturday, the probe was just 2.5 million Kilo Meter from the 2300km wide dwarf planet. Today, it is taking pictures from an altitude of just 12,500km. The newly published image shows the planet’s hemisphere that will soon rotate out of view.

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