Understanding the technology of Near Field Communication (NFC)

NFC stands for near field communication that allows users sharing content/information between two NFC-enabled devices just by touching them with each other. The following blog will help you discover that how this technology is going to be the game changer in future.
Understanding the technology of Near Field Communication (NFC)
Before beginning any explanation, first understand what the technology called NFC is all about? It is a technology that transfers data between devices when they are physically closed to one another. The devices in the activity must be enabled with this technology. It uses an off shoot of radio frequency identification protocol to transfer data between physically touched devices. So this technology works when two devices are in closest proximity.
Let us explore the history of this technology. In 2004, three companies, Sony, Philips and Nokia came together to establish NFC protocol. They then formed strict guidelines for companies wanting to add this technology in their devices. Major ones include compatibility of technology regardless of device brand, security, etc.
Here are the top features of this technology:

  • It is based on RFID that operates at 13.56 MHz.
  • Its maximum range is 10 cm. Devices beyond this range will not respond to data transfer
  • The data transfer speed goes up to 424 kb per second.

Here are the top benefits of this technology:

  • The technology of NFC is suitable for a wide range of industries.
  • Almost all the NFC transactions happen by simple touch between of two devices
  • With NFC, other wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth have also become quick and easy.
  • It is also supported by the presently available contactless card technology
  • Because it works when two devices are in closest proximity; data transferred between these devices can never be hacked or purged at all.

Here are the top types of applications which can use NFC.

  • NFC can be implemented for contact-less payment system. It can be a better option for POS (point of sale) where users can pay for their purchases just by touching the device to a terminal.
  • This technology can be better choice for reading special offers and various sorts of coupons. It can also be used in billboards and smart posters.
  • With NFC enabled app, It will become easy to store tickets while travelling. Various sorts of authorized accesses can become more secure.
  • Transportation and parking access system can be simplified with NFC.

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