The Use of location-based services in Mobile App Development

Stats from various research firms suggest that total smartphone-user population will touch a mark of 2 billion by 2015. It suggests one thing that out of 7 billion of human population, more than 28.5% people will be using smartphones by the end of 2015.  These figures are quite interesting for businesses that are now discovering the advantages of mobile application development and hiring firms to get mobile-based solutions implemented.
Businesses around the world are quite inspired with the rising popularity of smartphones and thus they want to bring their external and internal computing systems on mobile. Here location-based features of mobile devices are also becoming popular and many businesses are looking these features as a useful integration to their applications. With these features they can have better means of advertising and promoting their brands through the power of mobile phones and social media.
Platforms like Foursquare initially started to use location based services. After this Facebook launched Places which is now one of the best marketing practices for businesses. Their success also inspired other businesses that designed and deployed applications with same location based services to make use of features offered by current mobile ecosystem.
With implementation of these features, company outlets and stores near to the location of the device can send specific offerings like free coupons and discount information to get more dedicated response for their products or services. Here are some ways to make use of location-based services in promoting the brand of a company:
Loyalty Rewards – A number of companies are nowadays using loyalty rewards for positively shaping the reputation of their brands. They can offer these loyalty rewards in the form of gifts or discounts. Some companies are using the same concept to incentivize their regular visitors using check-in information with coupons or gifts.
Location-based search – Location-based search can also be referred as local search. Many smartphone users make use of this feature of their device to locate any particular service in their area. To use this useful feature, businesses can optimize their application or mobile website to get listed into the search result of targeted audience. It makes your business easy to find and also increases the conversion of prospects.
Geo-fencing – It’s like creating virtual fencing perimeters so that whenever users enter in that particular area, they receive mobile alert. These alerts can be targeted to sale products or services. This location fencing only works in a particular area. For example, a shopping store can get this feature whenever specific users enter in its area.
Location-based mobile advertisement – Many businesses are making a good use of location based mobile ads. With geographic and demographic information of user’s device, businesses can provide targeted ads. With a data system, information from various social sites can be process and ads can be pushed accordingly.

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