How about using Android apps on Windows Phone?

Windows Phone’s store still doesn’t have enough apps and because of this particular reason, many users do not want to use Windows Phone OS despite they like its user interface and tiles.  But as reports from various sources are suggesting, Microsoft might allow cross platforms apps – including Android ones – on Windows Phone powered devices.
Since Satya Nadella has taken over proceeding from Steve Ballmer, changes in helms at Microsoft are clearly visible to us. With this change, the company has also adopted modern technology approaches and aimed itself towards mobile first philosophy. A report from ZDNet informs that because there are few apps available on WP powered smartphones, Microsoft is in serious thought of allowing native Android app on Lumia devices.
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If the same is the case, then it’s of course not a surprise. Previously, others have also gone through this way; however, they still didn’t succeed to achieve enough popularity and get considerable adoption to their platforms. BlackBerry has already begun to offer Android apps side-loading support in its BlackBerry 10.3 OS. Nokia has also tried something similar but failed.
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But one big question is – do users really want Windows Phone to support Android apps. Experts of the field believe that extending support for Android is the only way Microsoft will be able to play catch with Google and Apple.
This support might be possibly added to upcoming Windows Phone 10 OS. Let’s see whether Microsoft mobile marker share improves after enabling this feature or not.

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