Virtual reality to go beyond game app development

What type of app or system comes in your mind when you think of virtual reality? I know it’s certainly a gaming app or console. You may mean virtual reality app/console with wearing a helmet that has a mounted VR system and small screens closest to eyes. Yes, it’s true. But VR’s utilities do not end at gaming apps only. Beyond gaming apps, virtual reality has others areas of uses too.
But before VR technology getting more elaboration, let this truth be cleared that in spite of enormous hype to virtual reality, the technology isn’t fully ready for gaming or anything else. Chunky and big hardware are hard to wear on head for long time. And if a fast-action game is played with these chunky and big head mounted devices, falling with sick stomachs or headache will be common health disadvantage.
But the technology of virtual reality is improving. Now it’s not like Nintendo’s Virtual Boy that was a big commercial failure in 1995-96. The company discontinued the device less than the period of one year. A Facebook company, Oculus is exploring additional market opportunities with virtual reality systems.
The company demoed its device at consumer electronics show CES in Las Vegas this week. In this demo those who put on the device, were transported to a video & audio virtual reality which has a museum where a lively T-Rex awaited with menace. In the same demo, wearers of the device were virtually lifted to the top of a skyscraper.
Virtual reality devices are also being used in variety of training and simulation procedures. There are none-head mounted virtual reality systems which are used as simulation of aircrafts and airships. Armies of different countries are using these virtual reality systems as battle simulator to help their soldiers learn about real life war-situation without actually fighting one.

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