Do you want to run Android apps on Windows, Macs and Linux?

Do you want to run your favorite Android apps on big screens of Windows, Macs or Linux? If so then Google has made it possible by launching its new tool called ARC Welder which behaves like a wrapper around Android apps so they can run on any operating system environment.
ARC welder
However, the ARC Welder is aimed at Android developers who can run their apps to test whether the code is working on different machines or not. On the other hand, a developer expressed concerns that instead of running an app via a wrapper like ARC Welder, it was better to write apps that run natively.
What is ARC Welder?
Earlier, Google launched ARC – a run time for Android app for Chrome browser – in late 2014. Google suggested it as a way to run Android apps in machines running Google’s Chrome OS. Now Google has shaped it as a tool – ARC Welder – which can easily be added to Google Chrome Browser.
The new tool is free from OS-related restrictions. It simply means that if your PC is able to run Chrome browser, it is supposed to run Android apps in ARC Welder that is added to system through the Chrome app store.
The tool has support of many of Google Play services like payment systems, maps and various others functions. With these services enabled, users can expect similar experience of using Android apps on other operating systems environments as they do on Android.
Why ARC Welder?
With ARC Welder, Google seems to seek a way to help developers. Because the software will run through the Chrome browser, Android developers will be able to get their creations onto multiple machines without thinking about app-compatibility. If their apps perfectly work on Android, it will also work on other machines with the Welder.
Is this idea really perfect?
The idea sounds perfect but what about functions like accelerometers, GPS, sensors etc which are standard in every smartphone but do not come with normal PCs? If an app is already made around above mentioned functions, it will naturally not work on PCs. So it’s not a perfect idea particularly when it comes to run all types of Android apps and thus it’s not actually much exciting tool for all Android developers; however, it’s simpler than running apps in a simulator.

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