Web Application Worms – Tackle Them at Root Level

Web applications are not static and are prone to Trojans and other viruses, resulting in dilution of effort which is simply irreparable. The root cause of Web application worms is vulnerability. Web application internet attack worms aim to exploit developments within the application code and remain simply uncorrected by installing a patch.  The size of the application and complexity in it will decide upon the time of correction. This characteristic can make the web app deadly for users.
Only a few Companies like ours take care to consider security of app right from the beginning. The only solution to attacks via Web application worms and Internet worms is to fix the problem used by the worm for propagation. Application firewalls and assessment tools are a good start to prevent such internet tools. However, the real solution is to develop the software with security as fundamental building block.
Application developers are generally unaware of the security measuring steps. They do not know how to avoid creating defects making the apps prune to hacker attacks. The real solution is to create software hacker-attack-free right from the beginning. This is the only solution to eradicate the problem of hacking, permanently. Applications should be quality-tested right from the beginning and security measures need to be installed at regular levels.
Mobile Applications are launched each month in huge quantity and hacker attacks are also detected in large numbers. So, application security is first and foremost thing in mind of our mobile application developers and we take special measures to keep the apps internet-worm-attack-free
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