What is the cost of an iPhone application development?

Whether you are an iPhone developer or a business setup which is going to hire an iPhone developer, you should have an estimate of the cost for iPhone application development project. You must consider about the cost of the development before beginning the project.

The cost of an iPhone application development project depends on its type. Having the knowledge of online market trends and type of app is going to help in pushing the project in right direction. But if you are new in app development, here are the three most important points breaking up the entire cost of different iPhone app types. Let us begin with this first point.

The cost of table-view application

Because these apps are considered rather simple to design, develop and deploy, the cost is estimated between $1000 and $5000. But an iOS app can only be ended-up in this budget if you already have all the required content. Although apps based on table can be developed with minimalistic approach and layout requirements, but this must exceed the expectations of clients or end-users. Also, the cost above said immediately increases if you want to add GPS locator or integrate social media to the app.

The cost of apps with database

An iPhone application development that requires database (back-end) may cost from $10000 to $60,000. But this range only applies if you already have all the pieces of content like text, image, and sound readily available. Database based applications are complex and thus they cost high. A database app is until not a good app if it does not deliver flawless end-user experience. All the computing of complex database app is supposed to be controlled through an enriched front-end.

The cost of the gaming apps

The cost of cost of an iPhone application development for a game app is much higher. Because gaming is the most challenging genre, these iPhone or iPad apps are generally quite expensive apps. The iPhone app for Angry Birds costed between $125,000 and $180,000. And not regular developers are able to successfully conclude this type of gaming apps. Only creative developer with several years of expertise in designing gaming apps can perfectly develop and deploy an app idea like this.  So before you hire an iOS or iPhone application developer, confirm that it has already built several games for the platform, because even simplest gaming apps require complex and dynamic knowledge of the back-end coding. If you are looking for an iPhone application development experts, you better hire third party developers instead of trying to build the app on your own. There are hundreds of mobile developers around the world who work for outsourced mobile application development projects.

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