What is the web application development?

The appeal of internet is irresistible. It is touching multiple facets of our lives. New shades of web technologies are being invented and implemented. Web developers around the world are discovering new ways of improving the current web technologies and inventing new ones. With dedicated web application development, it’s now easy to simplify a lot of business processes.
We are living in the best of the phases of web application development. Also, with official completion of HTML5, web is now ready to touch multiple aspects of human lives with more creative, animated and dynamic appearance. Web application development is also affecting mobile phones. Many websites and web applications are being customized / optimized to show up also on mobile devices. However, things created for desktop do not rather perfect on mobile devices. There is difference in both desktop and mobile platforms and a website or web application developed without understating this difference may output distorted results.
Here are the basic things to keep in mind while initiating a web application development for mobile:

  • As a developer you must be aware of the need of users. Also, developers should be aware of the type service that client wants to offer through the web application:

There can be three types of services offered through web apps:

  1. Business services
  2. User services
  3. Data services
  • Sometimes, development of application can be lengthier than what developers expected. The more a project takes time, the more its cost increases. Cost would increase if all the segments to be developed are not properly inspected before quoting budget. The web application development experts should properly think about all the segments and then should quote the budget.
  • Modern web is rather different of what it was initially created. It has come to long way, thus it requires proper merge of latest technologies. While creating a web app, you must prefer working with latest web standards like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.
  • A business web application performs a variety of tasks such as important data transfer, financial transaction, etc. As a developer, you should take the best of security measures and implement the same to their full strengths for ensuring utmost level security.

A web application development covers following stages

  • Preparing project layout which clearly explains its directions, features and focus
  • Planning project with considering all aspects that can affect the said budget limits
  • Building the project and getting its approval from client
  • Testing the app for its stability and then implementing it

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