What makes a Good App?

what makes a good app?

The big question mobile developers are asking from one another is — what makes a good app? It is seriously a big question; however, many developers begin and end-up their mobile application development projects without knowing the answer. But unlike many questions, this one has got very precise answers. Here are those answers!

what makes a good app?

  1. Many developers mean creativity as complexity, and they tend to complicate a simple plan by adding lots of pointless features. But users do not have enough time or patience to understand such creativity. They can quickly uninstall an app that does not speak itself. Now  mobile application development should be thought with proper inclusion of nice design, easy, navigation and useful functionality that easily connect the app with users.
  2. Mobile devices have limited inbuilt storage. It is not good that a small app with less functionality is taking too much storage space. You need to maintain a perfect balance between functionality and performance in your app development.
  3. Users do not know how creative your code is. They know graphics. Do your apps have good graphics, sounds, images and music to attract users?
  4. Keep the screen size in mind.  Many apps fail because of varying screen sizes of devices. You should design an app with flexible layout so that it can run on various screen sizes and resolutions.
  5. Social media is a powerful tool. It is the best way for marketing and promotion of the app. Many users also want to use those apps which have integrated Facebook or Twitter.

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