Why can’t Android be ignored for social media apps?

social media

No doubt Android has made social media quite popular these days – in reach of all. Because Android runs in more than 85 percent of smartphones all over the world, platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are receiving more visits from mobile devices (apps) than their website versions or the apps for other mobile platforms like iOS and Windows Phone.
social media
This has influenced new developers and businesses investing in social media apps to put Android in the core, in order to reach more users.
It was late 90s when digital networking came into existence with the launching of the website SixDegree.com. It allowed users to create profile and list all their friends. Since then social networking has come to a long way. Modern day’s social networking amasses a lot of things like sharing of status, image, and video as well as commenting on other’s content (Facebook), micro blog sharing (Twitter), photo sharing (Flicker) video sharing (YouTube) and much more.
social mediaWith the arrival of smartphones and tablets, the social media users have become a largest portion contributing to the global web usages. Many research agencies around the world have provided statistics that the web is currently getting more visits from smart devices than desktops. The same case is with these social media platforms. Almost all social media platform are nowadays getting more visits from their apps in comparison to their websites.
It has become quite easier for people to access social networking sites using mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets are quite different from PCs when it comes to functioning. PCs require users to go through a proper process of switching on, connecting to the web and launching software. Then we cannot carry PCs everywhere we go. But we can do that with mobile devices. Mobile devices are handier, can stay connected to the web 24X7, and provide single-tap accessibility to any social platform.
In fact, the most part of general purpose computing is now driven by mobility. In US and UK, more than half of the phone-users do have smart devices. Here Android lives up to the expectations of every one by being available as free of cost. Mobile device manufacturers can use Google’s mobile OS – Android for free and power their devices. This lets them cut the cost of devices as they do not have to pay any direct licensing fee which, in the same scenario, applies on other mobile OSs.
On the other hand, Google has been providing all its Android application development technologies for free to encourage developers creating apps for the OS.
social media
Android is the best OS when it comes to social media application. The success of a social media app depends on a large number of users connected to it. Here Android, with more than 85% of market share, provides startups a perfect platform to launch their social media apps and reach millions of smartphone users.

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