Why preferring iPhone app development can increase your business revenue?

Let us learn how an iPhone app development can help you increase the revenue of your business. Because iPhone is a popular smartphone, it is the most lucrative platform to make money. In spite of the rising dominance of Android powered phones, data research firms are showing steady growth in the adoption of iPhone smartphones.

This year too, iOS is again continuing its app revenue-lead over Android, according the App Annie Intelligence. The data research & analytic firm shared following:

Before going further, the fact is that iPhone currently does not has more than 15.5 percent market share and it is far small when compared to the 81 percent of Android’s market share as of an IDC’s report Smartphone OS Market Share, Q1 2014. Here is IDC’s findings
IDC:   Smartphone OS Market Share 2013, 2012, and 2011 Chart

Android is of course gigantic but app developers are not earning enough revenue from Android app development projects. Most of their revenue is coming from iPhone apps. Analysts say that when it comes to make money from mobile devices, only iPhone apps succeed.
The next fact may sound a bit odd but to some extent, it’s true. Because Android is an open source OS, it can easily be used by any mobile maker to power their low-end devices. Low-end devices are generally supposed to be owned by those users who cannot afford expensive mobile devices or credit card to pay for online products/services. And users with unsound economical status are less interested in spending on apps. They are more attracted towards free apps even if these apps provide restricted access, or are stuffed with nonsense advertisements. The theory that Android used by poor people and iPhone by riches is further confirmed by a Businesses Insider’s article These Maps Show That Android Is For Poor People. This article is showing the locations of 280 million individual posts on Twitter made via iPhone and Android in America:

But when you build the same app for iOS powered iPhone, you have several chances to make money. Because this device is a bit expensive, not all people are able to afford it. Only those users have been found with iPhone devices that also own credit card and have a sound economical position in society. With sound economical position, users do not mind to spend a few dollars to buy a virtual product or service like an application.

What attracts developers to build iPhone apps is the reputation of the brand Apple. The company is better known for its futuristic technology. iPhone is a fully loaded device. It has such powerful features that can almost remove the need of PC for general purpose computing tasks.
iPhone is not fragmented like Android. Because it is a close source mobile OS, only Apple can use it to power its own mobile devices. Unlike Android which has been beyond the control of Google, iphone’s operating system, ios is absolutely in control of Apple and thus there is no software fragmentation.
Also Google has been quite lenient in approving apps. It keeps approving any apps. Your apps may be lived on the same day of submission whereas, Apple may take from 1to 2 weeks in approving the apps and if the app is of low quality, Apple does not approve it at all.

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