Why is there demand of HTML 5 Application development?

In spite of being just a markup language, there is a great rise in the demand of HTML5. Developers from different areas use this language to add and structure WEB 2.0 functionality to a websites or web app. As HTML5 was introduced, it was quickly adopted for its excellent support to video, visuals, interactivity and for delivering advanced browser based experience. Apart from this, it also offers the platform known as Canvas which is an excellent ground for building interactive apps for browsers users.

HTML5 has limitless scopes to be combined with CSS3 and JavaScript and derive unbelievable computing functionality. The most surprising fact is that almost all mobile platforms do support HTML5. iOS, Android, BlackBerry; they all support websites, web apps and hybrid apps created with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Developers can implement both desktop and mobile applications using the single code for almost all the platform. Also, it is quite easier to conclude a mobile application development using HTML5 and allied technologies. Developers can combine the features of native app with HTML5. They can make an app that runs on all the platforms.
HTML5 provides amazing support to rich media. With this technology, developing interactive website that delivers rich user experience is not an impossible task. It supports streaming videos and is considered a perfect choice for social networking website. Previously, developers depended on Flash, Sliverlight, Flax and JavaScript which didn’t go easy in handling. But with HTML5, it has turned out to be easier.
With this new HTML standard, designers have discovered a simple yet powerful way of coding applications for the web. They have also discovered that they can easily replace the div tag based code with semantic HTMl5 elements. It encourages the concept of code standardization. With standardization and increasing consistency, professional developers can easily understand the code of a website or web application and make changes accordingly.
Another best feature that is growing the demand of HTML5 is that this technology lets developers choose any sort of form with latest input types and implement it without any problem, with minimum time requirements.  And as mentioned above, HTML5 can be used to build hybrid application too. The hybrid method of building an app is cost-effective as developers only need to build separate tiny front-end for separate platform.
With no doubt, HTML5 is an excellent web technology which is also suitable for a variety of mobile application developments. It is a perfect choice for those businesses which want to go online on multiple platforms in minimum app development budget.

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