Will 3G model affect future sells of Apple’s iPad?

ipad application DevelopmentApple is going to introduce iPad 3G in this instant.
Are you really waiting for iPad 3G to arrive? What will make you purchase on?
During the past couple weeks, after the launch of iPad; Apple has sold iPad without 3G. At the time people might have picked up iPad Wi-Fi. Now Apple is going to officially launce the 3G+GPS iPad model which will come to the market on 30th April, 2010.
The launch date is bumped up a week from 7th May, apple’s previous target. It may have any strategic reason behind changing the launch date. But our question is do users really need iPad 3G? In reply to this question, market experts say that there are a large number of iPad users who already have Wi-Fi on their device. The WiFi iPad has been selling well, by any measure.
Now people waiting for next-gen iPad are also worth mentioning. According to Apple, there are a few people who ordered for high GB iPad along with 3G.
Will new coming 3G model translate into similar sales number from the next month or afterward? How many people are there who already own a WiFi iPad and will still spring for a 3G iPad? Time will tell!

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