Will Google's Android fall without Samsung?

Who is behind the grand success of the Google Android OS? Is it Google itself, or the credit should go to other parties, e.g. Samsung? Many believe Samsung is the real force driving Android towards success. Is it true? The new reports make us believe that Android succeeded because of Samsung. And Google will hardly have a way if this Korean mobile manufacturer drops Android and begins to use a different OS, like Windows Phone.
IDC’s recent reports reveal that Samsung has sold 44 percent of all Android-powered devices this year. The remaining percentage was shared by 7 others companies. So Samsung makes up a big share in Android smart phone market. There is a big fan-base around the world of Samsung, and it is for both Google’s Android and Samsung itself. However at this point, if Samsung chooses to drop Android for a different OS, the company may probably convince all its fan-base.
It has happened previously with Nokia. As we know, Nokia is still struggling with sales issues, but it had a devoted fan-base. When Nokia decided to choose Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS for its smartphone devices, fans have also chosen to follow the company and switched to Windows Phone.
Samsung’s new CEO has already dropped hints that they are working on their own smartphone OS Bada. The company has released its software development kit for Bada 2.0 in August.
So if Google wants to keep Android always on the top, it should push Motorola for being the top selling Android OEM. It will help Google ensures Android’s future as the OS would still be available on Google-owned-OEM.

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