Will you let a faulty app go in the market and expect no damage?

The time is here at last when businesses around the world have started to take mobility seriously. Of course they want to capitalize on growing mobility trends. No doubt it’s what the current moment is demanding but the shift isn’t momentary at all. It’s absolutely sustainable. Mobile apps have opened new channels of revenue for the business world and for regular users, apps are their whole world. It’s true that people have started to ditch their PCs for most of the computing needs.
This encourages companies to release substantial funds to developers. But they must do not do it hurriedly. They should give all due time while investing in app development or, otherwise the end-product may turn out to be injurious for the reputation or brand of a business.
On the other hand, a group of businesses appears upset with the apps they already have because of their cold or no performance. Sorry to say but they have been expecting from faulty apps because right apps can certainly deliver a lot of opportunities to a business while the wrong ones can badly damage its image.
Also, comparing a new app with a website created 5 or 10 years back isn’t fair or maybe the app has all winning attributes but the time is a factor turning it into faulty one.
Website and apps are based on different technologies. Besides serving the same  purpose, there are different people appointed and different methodologies applied to implement both of them. Because they neither get traction in the same way, that’ why nor should performances of both be compared with each other nor.
But it’s seen that business and even developers use the purposes of website and app interchangeably. But they are not well informed because an error in a website can easily be found and can be fixed with the same ease without causing major damages to the reputation of a business or its brand. Now if a bug is found in an app, there is no other way than pushing updates at the end-user devices. Error in website can be corrected without letting users discover it while, errors in app will require users to download the app or a part of it again.
As we know mobile application development is relatively new technology but, a critical mass has already accepted it. Here mistakes can easily be noticed and spread even before you discover them. It can be hurting for a business’ reputation and the loss caused by it is also unimaginable.
That’s why you should not let a faulty app go in market and expect that nothing will happen. In mobile market there is no chance for second run, in fact. The second run is what when users uninstall the app not meeting their expectations and forget about it.
Mobile application development is the field of perfection and of course of professionals, not of the amateurs.  Professional developers or a firm of developers know how harmful it is to let go a faulty app in market.

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