Will S III be as lucky as others of the Galaxy S series?

Samsung has once again opened its cards and is showing the world that it really is a king when it comes to smartphones. The Galaxy S series have so far been a threat to Apple’s iPhone and others and now its latest entry, Galaxy S III might be a reason of extinction of some so-called brands. May god save them all from this absolute monster.
It perfectly lives up to the expectations of those users who are eagerly seeking an iPhone’s alternative. A huge 4.8 inch screen with 720p resolution makes it a sportive smartphone yet Samsung says it’s completely ‘inspired by nature’. Maybe, the company doesn’t want to beat its own drum.
Galaxy S III is larger in size than S II, but smaller than Samsung’s tablet. Another feature differentiating it from others is its eye tracking capabilities. It has 1.9-megapixel front camera which scans the user’s eyes to know whether they are using it or not (looking at it or not) and thus switches the device from active to inactive, sleeping modes when not in use only by looking at the user’s eye. It means it is sees us? Yes it does. It also has personal assistant software S Voice that works like Apple Siri, as claimed by the company.
The rear camera with 8-megapixel gives enough power to shoot high quality video. The phone weighs only 133 grams and is 8.6 millimeters thick. It has one more interesting feature, dubbed Direct Call. If you’re texting someone, you can simply hold the phone up to your ear and it will make your call automatically.
S Beam sharing lets the user to quickly send movies and music on other phones. To share data with another S III user, the user just needs to tap it with that phone. . It sends content to display on TV. Depending on the model Galaxy S III can store up to 64 gigabyte of data. It also has 50 GB Dropbox cloud storage for two years. It is powered by Android 4.0.4, which on 1.4GHz Exynos 4 Quad process and 1 GB RAM, can perform tremendous operations.
For now the device will be available in Europe and later in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. It has just been launched. We would have to wait and watch that will it bring luck to the company like the other smartphones of this series.

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