Will Surface change the Tab and PC market?

Microsoft unveiled its tablet Surface that is powered by Windows Phone 8 smartphone OS. At first glance Surface looks impressive with some novel features. But does this tab have ability to stand against stiff competition from Apple iPad that is currently dominating the global tablet market? Yes, it is possible. There is no deny that Microsoft’s Surface has features to change the tab and PC market if it has something close what the company presented to the media in its event held in Los Angeles last week.
There are millions of fans of iPad; many of them have been upgrading their devices from earlier to new versions. So those lovers of iPad would not easily abandon their new iPad any time soon as they need solid reasons to do that. Most iPad users have learnt computing via Windows but do Windows Tablets and Windows application would be able to deliver an experience like iPad that also happens to be Windows?
Microsoft’s earlier tablet was Series 7 Slate PC but it was no Surface; instead, it looked much like a PC or laptop. Still, it gives clues what will be the Windows tablet future and what else you can expect from the Windows’ innovations.
Windows Series 7 Slate PC is thicker, larger and heavier than the iPad (Wi-Fi only model).  It seems that Windows 8 Pro of Surface is going to be very close in size and weight to the series 7 slate PC.
So what is impressive in Microsoft’s Surface? You would probably not like to give too much weigh to trends of thicker, slimmer and lighter tablet once you come across the packing of Series 7 Slate PC. It has Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM, a 128GB SSD, USB and micro-HDMI ports, a micro-SD card expansion slot and a trump card. We can naturally expect better in Surface than the earlier tab of Microsoft. Does new iPad have all these features? No, it does not have.
It makes a sense that Windows tablets can easily be compared against existing Windows desktops and laptops. Many of today’s tablets do not have aptitude to replace the PC completely as they are still a mobile device that augments the PC. We cannot avoid iPad, though.
The currently available Windows Series 7 Slate PC is thinner, smaller and lighter than most laptops, yet with powers of Desktop PC.  Of course, iPad is also portable and an excellent tablet to work on the go, but it requires a lot of “duct tape and chewing gum”.

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