Window phone 7 series & iPhone: how much look alike?

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People say, it is just like copy-paste iPhone to Window phone 7. Some others say, there is nothing like copy-paste. Argument between iPhone and Window phone is going on. So let’s   take a look at features of those two.

Since the launch, iPhone came without Adobe Flash capabilities. It was severely limited when it came to displaying online video and animation. There have been many rumors and debates over Flash on the iPhone. Window phone does not offer Flash on it. Whether you like it or not, Flash is the dominant platform for online video, but once again we may see a number of mainstream mobile handsets that can’t truly access the full Web.

The near-term HTML 5 Web browsing standard is supposed to include a new video capability to replace Flash, but HTML 5 video is still being tested by various video streaming websites and it’s usage is not yet widespread. For now, Flash rules the Web, and should really be a standard part of mobile device capability.

One of the highly criticized points is inability to multitasking. Apple has provided a solution to this problem by  creating a push notification system to support multitasking while Windows Phone 7 follows the same set-up.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Series promises to be an interesting addition to the wide range of smartphones already available, but it feels like Microsoft is copying Apple’s strategy just a little too closely. In spite of that, Microsoft should reconsider basic things like the lack of multitasking, copy-and-paste and its murky stance on Adobe Flash.

If Windows Phone 7 apps aren’t as equally fast and smart as their iPhone counterparts, Microsoft could end up being heavily criticized for its no multitasking-push notification system.

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