Yes, Android qualifies for your business mobile app development.

People have countless purposes for using Android apps. They are already using these apps for entertainment, shopping, video gaming, business, checking news, and so on. Regardless of these purposes, Android apps are in trend these days and thus there is a rising demand of those who are called Android app developers.
There are analyses from several data research firms that Google is today’s leading mobile ads network in the US. It has been predicted that spending on mobile ads will reach up to $20.6 in 2015.
Following are some more interesting statistics for Android.

These above mentioned figures and facts show that Android OS has big market out there. Apps built on this OS help businesses realize their hidden potentials and explore the opportunities of making more revenue. The technology of custom mobile app development helps businesses have smart, result-oriented and user-friendly mobile based software.
Let us understand some more reasons that make Android apps unique and preferred
Whatever the type or size your business is, customization is the feature in Android apps that makes a device suitable for your need. With technology of custom Android app development, it has turned out be quite easy to build dedicated apps for business-specific requirements.

Android supports feature-rich apps

Android has all those technical features that make an app feature-rich. The platform offers the best of the features for a smart devices and these same features can be used by an app. GPS, Bluetooth, gyroscope, proximity sensors, QR code reading capability, multiple touch & gesture, etc are the top features to make feature-rich apps.

Boost to Productivity

Android apps boost productivity. There are tons of apps on Google Play Store that help users boost the productivity of devices. They can have several utility apps that can help in making their devices more productive, powerful and performing. This information is brought to you by experts in mobile app development.

Android is open source

Because Android is an open source mobile OS, there is no restriction for anyone the way he/she wants to the OS. You can trim or expend some of its features. That’s why mobile device companies are easily adopting it and powering there smart device with this OS. They need not to pay licensing fees and thus they are able to offer cheapest devices. The credit of making smart mobile technology such popular wholly goes to Android. Now business can access to those customers too who can afford expensive smartphone mobility like iPhone and iPad.

Android is today’s largest mobile ecosystem

As mentioned above, more than 85% smartphones shipped in second quarter this year were running Android OS in. And this figure is excluded of Android powered tablets.  What does it mean? It means it’s indeed going to be fatal decision for a business if it form its mobile app development strategy without considering Android.

Android is of Google, the search engine giant.

We just cannot survive without Google. Today we have no alternate to ditch Google. Every search just begins with Google. With 114.73 billion searches, Google presently has 65.2 percent market share. Everyone can guess Google’s all services have been optimized more for Android than other mobile OS and and dedicated Android app development is the way to use all those services.

Now Android has more mobile web users than iOS

Yes, it’s true. For the first time in history Android now has more mobile web users than iOS. According to the latest data from Net Applications (via 9to5Mac), about 160 million web traffic is coming from Android powered device per month. It makes 44.63% of total, and it is 0.44 more of iOS’ 44.19% web traffic through mobile device. Android’s web traffic share will increase more in future.

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  1. Yes, you are right maximum people are using android application. Maximum business industries like to start their business on android. I am going to launch an Android application.

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