Roast - Social Networking

Roast - Social Networking

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Project Description

  • Social Networking     

  • The Roast app is a platform providing all kinds of witty and humorous contents on all topics. Need roasting someone? You will never fall short of ideas if you have the Roast app.  It’s a simple, text-based app that means you need not to wait for loading any bulky images or videos files. You can share your thoughts and experience with others and follow them too. You can roast any authority, any person, any act. It has a huge database making sure you will never run out of entertainment.


    • Unlimited collection of quick and short posts.
    • All the roasts are saved from the very beginning.
    • Notifications keeps updated about any activity on your Roast.
    • Specific notifications from those whom you have followed.
    • Topics list will update in real time so that non-running topics will be separated from active ones.
    • The Top Roaster ranking will also be updated in real-time, on the basis of popularity.
    • You can comment, like and share on multiple media platforms.
    • You can link your Roast account to your other social media accounts, so that you don’t miss out on your friends who are already on Roast.
    • You can invite friends to share the entertainment.
    • After you invite your friends, you can roast them also along with the topics by tagging them in your roasts and comments.
    • You can clear your search history (for obvious reasons).
    • The notifications will not be forced on you. You will have the option to switch them off with Push Notifications.

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