Aresei - Fashion App

Aresei - Fashion App

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Project Description

  • Social Networking     

  • Be a fashion icon through this fashion Mobile App. Through this app you can share your fashion trends to your followers. You can tag your clothing, accessories and footwear and spread the words from where you bought it. Categorize your post and let the user know more about fashion. Get your follower notification with this app

    With Aresei you can:

    - Find the website of posts easily.
    - Edit photos and videos with a varity of creative tools and filters.
    - Discover new posts from categories like sports, music, art, cosmetics or the most trending posts.
    - Find the latest trends.
    - Discover the new and best of Aresei at the top of your news feed and view them on your own time.
    - Instantly share your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Email and other social networks.
    - Save and organize your favorite posts for later.
    - Send private messages, photos, videos to friends, with a direct message.

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