Grocery App - Buy Grocery Online

Grocery App - Buy Grocery Online

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Project Description

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  • We have ready-made mobile app solution for grocery stores operating with single and multiple stores. Rapidsoft has designed this app for all sorts and sizes of grocery stores: single vendor, multi-vendor and multi-store. Also we can provide it desired customizations as per the requirements of a store.


    There are two parts of the app

    • Customer facing app -
    Customer facing mobile app lets customers discover stores nearby them and explore products from the categories and sub-categories. It also lets them pay online or choose payment-on-delivery as well as track orders online. They can check history and subscribe items for regular delivery and so on. Many other features can be added as per the requirements of a grocery business.

    • Web Based Admin Dashboard

    Store owners will have access to dashboard where they can add, edit and delete product-categories and sub-categories items. They will be able to add as many products as they want to add. They will be able add price, description and image with other details. They can see details of orders placed by customers and generate various sales report of particular period of time to have an estimation of total business. They have way to add multiple payment methods, from cash on delivery to credit card, to debit card, to internet banking, to e-wallet and so on