Shoppio - Shopping App

Shoppio - Shopping App

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Project Description

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  • Shoppio, the instant mobile based store, allows users to selg, buy, trade, rent loan, recycle and dispose any times they want. All a user needs to do is take pictures of the item and post it with details. You can also share it with using Twitter and Facebook social platforms. Selling, buying, etc. activities are not charged. For paying selling-buying of goods between users, the app has PayPal which is a secure payment transaction system.


    • Application for selling-buying items without any middle-party charge.
    • Users can sell, buy, rent, trade, rent, loan, recycle and dispose any item they want.
    • Feature of sharing it with Twitter and Facebook
    • No fee is charged for listing the items.
    • No need of carrying cash for in-person purchases. 

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