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Project Description

  • Entertainment     

  • Meragana is karaoke application on IPTV platform using STB remote. The user interface resembles TV screen and resolution. Site navigation, song selection, playing etc can be done through keys on STB remote control. The mobile client of the application does also have the same features. The subscription of the application can be purchased through multiple payment gateways. The offline mode works on Desktop PCs and Laptops where users can download and store songs to play them without internet connectivity.


    • The UI and functionality are based on CSS and Java Script, making it compatible for browser on IPTV.
    • Categories can be navigated using Up, Down, Left and Right buttons on the remote control.
    • Users can create their playlists, add their favorite songs and use options through the 4 color buttons on remote control.
    • The OK buttons on remote control can be used to select and play songs
    • Available for any type of TVs.

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