Augmented Reality Mobile App Development

Augmented Reality (AR) is no more attention-grabber now; neither it’s limited only to gaming applications. The technology has matured enough to serve serious computing purposes and so there is growing requirements of augmented reality mobile apps and of course, app developments.

Rapidsoft is one of the leading companies in the global mobile app development industry with more than a decade of experience in designing and development of mobile and web applications for diverse industry verticals. At Rapidsoft, we know that the AR technology is the next big thing to happen in the mobile application world. Our experts understand the importance of merging the computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data with real-world sound, picture & images, and motions.

The technology of mobile based augmented reality has spread its wings into day-to-day operations of enterprises. From retailers to health sector, to engineering, to civil work planning, to tourism & sport, to security and so on, augmented reality apps have proved their worth wherever they are applied.

We as an Augmented Reality App Development Service Provider

  • Expert team, experienced developers, advanced programming
  • Cross platform mobile app development and support
  • Client oriented engagement model
  • The most practical UI and UX designs
  • Thorough testing of each nook and corner of the end-product

We know how AR apps work

  • AR apps work on smartphones with specific hardware attached to them
  • AR apps are capable of creating an interactive experience for the purposes they are made for.
  • You can point your device camera to the AR mark, an object, or location and the app may generate relevant information in the form of gaming characters, graphics, objects, audio and video.
  • AR apps can use the GPS of user’s device to know their location and then provide relevant information.
  • These apps do also oversee phone’s positioning with electric compass to decide the directions they are pointing at.
  • These apps then hunt for text, hyperlinks, videos, audio, graphics, etc in the database which have been tagged towards particular location in the compass direction from the current location.
  • Upon finding the relevant information from database, it’s positioned over the image / video being captured from the camera of the device through the AR app.

We offer world-class solution at cost effective rates

Rapidsoft Technologies provides supreme AR app solution at affordable prices. We follow agile / scrum methodology to deliver high quality results. Also, we follow a transparent augmented reality app development process that lets clients have complete informatoin of the step-by-step progress of a project. We begin the development by a clear assessment of your business requirements along with your target-customer requirements and then shape them into an app.

Do you or your organization need consultation, solution, and services related to augmented reality app technology? For more information, contact us via mail or over phone. Drop your query on or call us on +1 516 515 9871.

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