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The retail landscape has much widened with technology. Companies in this domain are now going online with websites or mobile apps. From standalone retailers to multi-brand companies, they are discovering the gains of being available on the web through PCs or smartphones.

Rapidsoft Technologies, with great experience in mobile and web technologies, has been assisting retailers wishing to sell their products and services online. Rapidsoft Technologies offers a full-fledged range of m-Commerce and e-Commerce development services. Our expertise allows us to deliver web platforms, mobile applications and mobile websites that work across a variety of platforms.

We design and customize an m-Commerce or e-Commerce platform the way a business needs. Apart from coding, which is of course an important part but in the mean time remains hidden too, Rapidsoft's major focus is on content, simplicity, speed, presentation, user-interface, navigation and compatibility of m-Commerce or e-Commerce solutions.

In an m-Commerce application development, Rapidsoft Technologies is able to implement modern-day features of smartphones including QR code, location-based services, check-ins, coupons and NFC as per the industry or case-specific requirements. And when it comes to e-Commerce website development, we have been applying time-proven technologies and approaches. Also, we are able to provide functionality like review & rating to make shopping more convenient for end-users. So far Rapidsoft Technologies has been one of the best companions for retailers with a brick and mortar footprint. Our solutions have helped them break traditional boundaries and go onlineā€¦

For more information and example to our best of the e-Commerce implementations, please feel free to contact one of our executives at +1 516 515 9871 or drop your enquiry on We are working round the clock to help our clients with suitable solutions.

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