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Enterprise Portal

Enterprise portals are based on avant-garde technologies helping organizations enhance B2B/B2C commutation, provide users with function and feature to easily get authenticated and identified themselves, streamline financial operations, optimize cost, and so on. The key feature that every portal should provide is the anytime-anywhere access to information.

Your ability to rapidly and securely share information with your prospects, partners, and people is a must-have key to win in the market. For businesses, their enterprise portal is the source of generating revenue and so, it needs to be based on the customer-first approach. Rapidsoft Technologies, a leading IT company, helps businesses proactively address the demand of customers and by creating intelligent portals, delivers seamless functionalities for a wide range of business transactions.

Here are the challenges that businesses face without an enterprise portal

Organizations need to take customer-centric initiatives and implement demand-based solutions to achieve higher operational efficiency. They would not be able to get any of such competitive advantages without a customized enterprise portal.

Disparate applications

Many organizations already have plentiful information, which is either unorganized or resides in disparate applications. But in this way, employees have to spend a considerable amount of time in finding the desired information. It’s hard to integrate disparate applications without implementing a custom enterprise portal.

Inefficient collaboration

Organizations, operating globally, find it hard to manage the team of multi-lingual employees, who are scattered across diverse geographical locations or time zones. On the other hand, there is a compulsory need of seamless coordination and efficient collaboration among each of the team members if an organization wants to meet all its goals. Enterprise portals provide organizations with the same level of connectivity and responsiveness.

Weak Security

An organization’s top priority is to secure all its digital and human assets and make them available only to the authorized people. This requires changes to be brought in the processes of a business, in order to adapt transparency and new approaches for enforcing security across the extended supply chain. Loose ends for these aspects can cost a lot; both reputational and monitory.

Email Management

Enterprise portal can take better care of emails than the client-end email management application. They can keep emails stored even after their unintentional deletion from a local machine. Emails are considered as a valid legal document in the court of law.

Organizational Growth

It is difficult to manage and meet the demand of information for a growing organization, which is frequently joined by new employees, partners, customers and stakeholders. They need a single source and the view of information so that they can remain competitive in the market. They will not able to do that without a tailor-made enterprise portal.

Unstructured / unorganized data

Organizations keep hoarding a variety of unstructured data in the form of emails, documents, faxes, interaction / communication records, design docs and reports and a lot more. The volume of the data keeps increasing day-after-day. It can only be controlled via customized enterprise portal.

The Rapidsoft portal development and consulting services:

  • Development services or internet / intranet portal, corporate portal, social networking portal, community portal, enterprise portals and industry portals
  • Consultancy and formulation of strategy for portal development
  • Customized portal application development for specific business requirements
  • Database design and information architecture
  • 24×7 web maintenance, portal administration and support services.
  • capable developers giving their best and meet project deadlines

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