How much does it cost to develop a laundry app?

General cost estimation as per the features added to a laundry app - By Rapidsoft Technologies

Introducing laundry apps

Laundry can be an incredible time sucker for working professionals who are living in urban area. Of course they would have a washer-dryer machine that can help them a lot but then they have to steal several hours from routine schedule to wash all their clothes. Many people would appoint themselves to wash clothes at the weekends but what about the other interesting and more important things they have to do?

This is what’s the situation with most of the people living away from family and are tied to fix schedules. They hardly have time to wash their clothes. It’s a major problem in their lives and they face it every now and then. But this problem can just be vanished with mobility, by an application.

The same problem is coming out as a golden opportunity for laundry service providers who are operating with small set-ups and have limited presence even in their local markets. An app can give them access to the places where they have not been able to reach because of their fixed-physical appearance.

A laundry app can be great channel for small-medium laundry businesses. The app can help them reach more customers and generate good revenue. The app can let them even franchise to other localities in a city and emerge as a brand in the market.

How does a laundry app work?

A laundry app is simply one of the on-demand service apps; from designing to programming to navigation to functionalities. Users have to download, login and start making home pick-ups of their clothes. By taping on a button, a request of pick-up to clothes is generate. Users provide their address either by sharing their location or by manual inputs. The request reaches the laundry owners who assign the task of picking clothes to their field-force. When clothes are picked up, they are carefully washed, ironed, folded or dry cleaned as per services requests by customers. Upon the completion of the entire operation, a notification is sent to customers that their clothes are ready. The delivery is scheduled and customers are informed about the same. Customers may have option to choose time slots of picking-up and delivery of the clothes.

What features make up a laundry app?

Single tap service request

A successful laundry app will be the one which is as simple as the process of washing clothes. A single tap-approach works well. Customers do not want to go through long process of opting a service when they are already in rush.

Progress tracking

Users like to know about the progress of washing operation. They would love to know about each of the stages their clothes will go through. Tracking of operation or stages assure customers that their expensive clothes are in right hands.

Choosing pickup and delivery time slots

Customers will love an app which provides picking-up and delivery of clothes at their convenient. An app offering feature of choosing the time slots of picking-up and delivery will quickly become the first choice of customers. But, laundry owners also need to abide by the time slots chosen by customers and send their field-force at that time only.

Order history

Order history lets customers check all their orders at a single place. It may be quite useful in several occasions.

Cost calculator

A cost calculator will help customers do the calculation of the services they want to choose and then place order accordingly.

Offline and online payments

Many customers would want to pay online but they still some customers who do not rely on making online payment. For all them, offline payment option like cash on delivery will be quite helpful. On stop payment through wallet may also be an option.


Notification will information users about a lot of things such as field-boy is out for picking and delivery of clothes, clothes are ready and sent for delivered, various offers & discounts, etc.

Online laundry is an emerging industry everywhere in the world. Contrary to other apps, a laundry app is here to fulfill one of our basic needs and make our life easier. Developing such may cost from $12 K to $15K. This cost may vary app to app; as per the required features and functionalities

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