How much does it cost to develop an on demand service app?

General cost estimation as per the features added to an on-demand mobile app solution - By Rapidsoft Technologies

What’s an on-demand app?

An on demand service app is a mediator allowing customers to book services from different providers. With such an app, people do not need to spend time and put effort in finding a skilled trades-person. App lists the best on demand service providers on the basis of work-quality, ratings, reviews and lots of other standards and help customers choose the best service provider out there.

How does an on demand app work?

People are looking for the mobile-way to get on demand services like cleaning, gardening, pest controlling, waste removal, package delivery, pet-care, electrical repairing, etc. They are searching for apps that can provide them access to skilled tradespersons, for a number of on demand services. So far the on demand service market wasn’t organized, but with mobility and apps, many companies are now coming up and, they are getting good response, too.

As mentioned, the app is based on a simple idea – acting as a mediator and allowing customers to book on-demand services from different providers.

If you too are one of them or planning to begin an app based on demand service companies, Rapidsoft Technologies is here to help you with best of the solutions.

This is how a typical on demand service provider app works.

  • Users are able to search for the services they want to get on demand
  • Based on their geo-location, the app suggests the nearest service provider
  • Service providers get alerts and then confirms for the requests created by customers
  • Customers/users get confirmations of receiving service on scheduled times.

What features make up an online delivery app?

on demand booking module
on demand scheduling delivery
on demand order on the go
keeping record of shopping

on demand app payments
on demand geo location
on demand real time calls and message
keeping tracking deliveries

Here are the services for which Rapidsoft Technologies can design and develop on-demand apps:

on demand food ordering
on demand taxi booking
on demand fitness
on demand grocery ordering
on demand laundry
on demand beauty salon
on demand courier
on demand logistics
on demand repair and maintenance

Developing an on demand service delivery app may cost between $5,000 and $15,000 and, it can also go up to $25,000 as it depends on the features and functions to be added to the end-product. Contact us for a complete cost estimation of an on-demand service delivery app.

Disclaimer: The Information that this page contains is for promotional purpose only. We do not damage any copyright. Rapidsoft designs and develops apps from the scratch only.

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