Does your business need a mobile application development?

There is visible growth in mobile application development industry. Rising trend of mobile app development has resulted in hundreds of thousands of apps. Reports say that smart devices will soon take over PC market. Because businesses are discovering that future of personal computing is going to be smartphones and tablets, they are hiring mobile developers to implement mobile apps for their internal & external business processes. The popularity of mobile operating system has generated one question for many businesses - do they also need apps for their work-procedures? And the straight answer is – yes, the do. Because more and more people are using mobile phones and tablets for their routine computing operations, your business too need a mobile app development that is focused on your requirements.

Let us forget everything and consider an example that how does average individual user use a mobile phone? The purposes are more than one. More than two-third of smart phone users just cannot live without their devices. They say that they regularity use their device to access local news, listening to music, watching videos and so on. Some users say they also use their mobile phones for checking weather updates. About one-third users said they can easily access social sites through mobile phones. A report of 2012 says that there were more than 17 million smartphone+tablet activations recorded on Christmas. So these data suggest that more and more people are nowadays reaching apps for almost all sorts of computing requirements. And the data certainly encourage businesses who want to bring their systems on the mobile platform. About 80% of businesses in a survey revealed that they want to go mobile with an application in coming 12 months.

The era of referring smartphone or tabs as the “third” or “fourth” screen is just about to end because there are more people in the world who are using these mobile devices as the “first” or the “only” screen than those using desktops as first screen. More than 50 percent users in Norway, United Arab Emirate, Australia, Sweden and United Kingdome use smartphones as their only computing device. More than 40% phone-users in the Denmark, Netherland, United States, Ireland and Switzerland use smartphones use smartphones. 80% US phone users do never leave their home without their smartphone.

People within these data use smartphones for a variety of computing requirements. Also, businesses, regardless of their types, are discovering the benefits of using mobile phones and apps. They know that with apps, they just not explore more customers but boost their businesses too. There are hundreds of types of smartphones but most of these are running on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry operating systems. If you also want to bring your business procedure on one of above mentioned mobile platforms, you can hire an expert mobile app development firm like Rapidsoft Technologies.