Trends in enterprise mobile application development

A number of organizations and businesses have begun to adopt online trends in enterprise mobility to stay competitive and gain advantages over their competitors; however, the full potential of mobile technologies is still being realized by mobile app developers. Mobile applications are almost everywhere. When they are employed correctly, they have the power to accelerate productivity and performance at every level within enterprises.

Mobile applications gained popularity in a short time because of the constant flow of different types of applications in the market.

Why mobile applications are helpful for enterprises?

  • They help enterprises to cater and empower employees to deliver their best.
  • They enable them to gather information at any point of activity.
  • They let employees serve to their responsibilities without the restrictions of time and place.
  • They have made possible the concept of computing on-the-go and real thing.

The trend of mobile application and mobile devices has played an important role in putting forward a new system of Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD). It allows employees to bring their own device in the office. With the help of mobile applications based on enterprise apps, employees can work without the limitations of time and they can also communicate with their managers etc.

Let us discuss some trends in enterprise app development:

Hybrid Application Development
The app development has become much easier than it used to be in past. Today we can see a major shift of enterprises moving from native to hybrid app development. According to a study conducted by Gartner, more than 50% of enterprises mobile applications will be Hybrid mobile applications by 2016.

Should Support Smart functionality
Mobile application developers are constantly looking forward for the new way to make the app development faster and easier without cutting out the features and functionalities of the application.

Keep the user in mind
An application should be simple to use and understandable as users do not prefer such applications that consume time and efforts. And when it comes to the application that is going to be used for work or business purpose, it must be easy to use.

Understand the need of application
Before beginning with any mobile application development process, you need to understand the purpose or the need of mobile application development. You need to decide what the app is going to do, for example - is it aimed at employee productivity, business operations etc.?

Cloud Computing is the main influencer so don't ignore it.
Cloud Computing is the main influencer in the market of enterprise mobility. According to a report from Gartner "Cloud is changing the way applications are designed, tested and deployed" resulting in a significant shift of enterprises.