The steps in iPhone application development

Apple iPhone applications are on the top of the list. Apple iOS platform has attracted a number of mobile developers to develop all kinds of innovative apps. Apple possesses versatile platform that allows developers to drive creativity and flexibility in coding apps. The craze of iPhone applications keeps affecting Android, Windows and all other OS environments. Recently in October 2013, Apple announces 1million applications in the Apple store and more than 1 billion songs played on iTunes. So having an application for business or promotion can be the game changer in the market.

Plan out Strategy i.e. The Idea: The first step in iPhone application development is deciding the idea. You can go in different directions by looking up the app store i.e. informative app, gaming, travel etc. But you also need to understand that the more an app is complicated, the more it’sgoing to cost and the more there are chances to make money. Usually gaming applications are more complicated and can go viral easily. So, the first step is all about planning out the idea and deciding the budget.

Functionality and Layout: After planning out the strategy, the next step is to get a clear idea about the functionality and the layout of the application. You need to plan each offunctionalities that you want in your application, as most of the time working with a developer will not deliver what you want. This step involves going through every single screen and understand how the app is going to interact with users. This little extra effort will surely add an extra essence in your application.

Design: Designing is another important phase in the iPhone application development process. Unlike websites for mobile app development, you can get someone who can design and code at the same time. It’s because usually application development requires a team of developers to complete. Design plays an important role in the popularity of the application, so it’s better to keep it plain and simple.

Going Live: Once the application is successfully developed, and all the bugs have been removed, your developer can get your application lived in the Apple store. It requires setting up of iTunes account and yearly subscription charge of $99. Once you have the application live on the Apple store you can monitor all the analytics through iTunes account. There are lots of monetizing options available with the iPhone applications using them you can drive revenue. And last but not least, be sure to regularly monitor the feedbacks and make changes in your application to make your application stand out from the crowd.