Why do mobile applications crash?

In spite of being confirmed by mobile application developers that apps developed by them will provide greater consistency, their apps crash. And it happens whether the app is running in iOS devices or Android devices. So, apps do crash. Some users complain that their devices crash apps more than others. And the other group of users hardly encounters a problem like this. What does it mean? Does their device crash apps? Yes they do. But devices are not merely responsible for crashing applications. A lot of apps crash because of issues in apps themselves. Let us discover the top of the reasons causing app-crash.

App Bandwidth Imbalance

The app demand:
Imbalance in demand and supply causes issue with apps too. If an application has not been tailored for heavy traffic, it will keep crashing. Mobile application developers can make better code to handle this issue.

Poor internet connectivity :
This issue belongs to users, and if their devices drop internet connectivity or have slower internet, there are chances that apps in these devices will crash.

Switching between mobile internet and Wi-Fi internet:
For now we have two ways to get internet in mobile phones. First, we get internet via SIM based network connectivity and second, we get it through Wi-Fi. Many users frequently keep switching internet connectivity between both of them and thus it may affect the stability of an app-in-progress, and crash it too.

Bugs in the app code:
When implementing custom features, there are chances that some bugs are left unnoticed. A new feature or functionality is supposed to be thoroughly tested by mobile developers.

The bad front end:
A poorly optimized front-end can also create app-crash. If mobile application developers are not able to provide the front-end the best of the treatments, there are chances that the end-product will crash.

Integration Issues:
A badly integrated back-end is the major cause behind app-crash. If back-end is not able to handle requests sent by front-end, it will slow the app and ultimately freeze or crash it.

Browser Incompatibility:
A web based mobile application development is supposed to be thoroughly tested across browsers in trend. Incompatibility of an app with any of them can crash it.

Device Incompatibility:
Devices with cheap hardware, particularly Android powered, low price-range devices, are more likely to crash apps. With Android, it is turning out to be difficult to customize an app for all the devices under Android's umbrella.

A lot of apps:
Too many apps in a device can trouble its functioning and ultimately crash apps. This article is brought to you by Rapidsoft Technologies. For more information please explore other sections of the website.