Process and Approach

Using best of universally defined development and implementation methodologies

Process and Approach

Rapidsoft Technologies has adopted universally defined Processes and Approaches for designing, developing and testing mobile and web applications. Rapidsoft offers matchless services based on its foolproof implementation and execution methodologies.

The software development process, also referred as software lifecycle, includes several phases of building a software or application. It is a structure through which the development of software progresses.

Rapidsoft's detailed and distinct software development processes are based on the Waterfall and Agile methodologies. We deeply understand each and every phase of these two methodologies and thus apply them on specific projects. We recommend the Waterfall methodology for a project with clear picture of what the end product should be. Because Waterfall is a linear method of development, it offers no scope of change in the project once things are implemented. Agile methodology is suggested in case where rapidity of project-progress is more important than the quality. If clients want to change the scope of project, Agile Methodology allows developers to do that. Find out details...

Software quality assurance (SQA) is all about monitoring the applied software development processes and ensuring quality of the finished product.

Rapidsoft's in-depth Software quality assurance services take care of all sorts and sizes of software developments, from mobile application development to web application development, to mobile website development, to desktop website development. With our industry-grade QA services, we at Rapidsoft Technologies ensure that all applications, quality-assured by us, will work with no issue or defect. Our best of the strategies free clients from a lot of complexities presented by multiple platforms, operating system types, devices, hardware, carriers and others. Our QA approach includes Usability Testing, Functional Testing, Regression Testing, Network Testing, Aesthetics Rating, Memory Utilization, Security Testing, Environment Change Testing and ultimately Reporting. Find out details...

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