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Transportation and Logistics Sector

The digital technology driven revolution in the global supply chain segment is noticeably impressive. It is redefining how businesses can better manage their logistics and transportation infrastructure. The transportation and logistics industry has been in the core of supply chain operations and is continuously growing to keep step with the increasing demand of customers looking for more economical solutions improving productiveness, excellence, safety and security of their businesses. It is also providing the best possible support to emerging businesses models like e-commerce as well as futurists transportation solutions or Big Data solutions aiding visibility, and making more agile supply chain along with the changing requirements of security, regulatory and compliance.

Rapidsoft-provided logistics and transportation software solutions power organizations to understand the worth of investing in the technology systems and effortlessly managing the growing challenges that occur because of the fickleness of markets.

We understand that the logistics and transpiration industry is the key driver of modern economic infrastructure. There is great need of agility and suppleness but no compromise in the quality of delivery.

Let’s face some challenge in the logistics and transportation industry

Rising Expenses: Organizations are always prone to suffer losses caused by elevated warehouse costs, rising fuel prices and over production expenditure due to faults, regardless of how well-executed business plans are.

Competition: Logistics and transportation industry is dominated by aggressive competitions in national and internal marketplaces. Stakeholders like manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors are always in search of solutions to cheaply yet safely transport their goods into the market.

Regulations: Businesses’ non-compliance with the locally, nationally and internationally adopted environmental laws as well as the regulations increases overall business expenditure.

Accessing prediction and information: Slowdowns in the market, seasonal factors and shortages of supply, and labor affect business operations. Unavailability of reports and analytics for latest trends of the market prevents businesses adapting to rapid changes.

Catch New Markets:  Several Latin American, Asian and African economies are heading towards an upsurge, but businesses do not have organized logistics and transportation systems to quickly respond to against demands.

Here are our Logistics and Transportation Service Offerings

  • Legacy Modernization and Migration Services
  • Transport Management
  • Cargo Management Systems
  • Vehicle Tracking and Route Generation
  • Freight Reservation Management
  • ERP, WMS and SCM Integration
  • Enterprise Solution (Mobile and Web)
  • Product Quality Testing / QA
  • Web Applications / Mobile application / Web Portals

Do you want to know more about logistics and transportation software solutions offered by Rapidsoft Technologies? We can be contacted via mail or over phone. Drop your query on or call us on +1 516 515 9871. We are working round the clock to help our clients with suitable solutions.

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