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An enterprise application assists organizations in solving enterprise-problems. This type of application is much larger and too complex than individual or small-business apps. Enterprise applications are designed to integrate or interface with other applications in an organization and are implemented for both internal & external organizational procedures.

Rapidsoft Technologies has implemented enterprise applications across a variety of networks such as intranet, internet and corporate network with desired security and admin management. We have a specialized application development team to help clients with mobile based enterprise application development. We, at Rapidsoft Technologies, help our clients in structuring enterprise applications and making them easily manageable. Our developers are capable of resolving all your IT infrastructure related problems including multiple devices & platforms, complex security, large data sources and several others.

We are also able to move all your applications to cloud to make it available anytime, anywhere. Apart from this, Rapidsoft provides hybrid solutions where cloud applications are integrated with native applications. We have been designing, developing and deploying a variety of enterprise apps including content management system, customer relationship management, business intelligence system, HR management system, payment processing system, automated billing system, etc.

We build cost-effective, innovative enterprise-class applications with universal standards established for the same type of software development. We aid organizations inspiring loyalty of their customers and engaging them in a direct, two-way interaction through mobile platforms.

We improve the operations of an enterprise and allow its employees access the application platform from any location. Rapidsoft Technologies is able to power organizations running all their business through mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Here are the top benefits delivered by enterprise apps

Instant information exchange and sharing

information exchange and sharing

Businesses know the role played by right information at right time. When information arrives at time, leads may be converted into deals. Typical systems of exchanging and sharing information create gaps but when mobility is employed to do that, things reach to concerned executives at right time. The whole process of information exchanging and sharing is simplified and transactions take place in almost real time.

Process simplification and reduction of complexities

 simplification and reduction of complexities

Businesses need the supports of technology to run their operations. But without dedicated enterprise applications, every task becomes needlessly lengthier and weighty. There may be need of using several different applications to complete a single task. But operation-specific enterprise applications streamline several steps of a single process. In result, executives are able to deliver better output and productivity. Things become far simpler when the same dedicated enterprise app are implemented to smartphones – the devices which anyone can easily carry in their pocket and get connected to the core system with the internet speed of 3G or 4G.

Instantly responding to opportunities

responding to opportunities

Another great benefit any organization meets through the integration of enterprise mobile app into its processes is that the app lets it rapidly respond to opportunities. No matter where you are and no matter what you are doing, a mobile app for enterprise operation powers you to respond to customers without a delay of even a single second.

Increased productivity

increased productivity

With process-specific, dedicated enterprise app, employees are able to connect with their work-courses without the limitations of time and place. This of course boosts up their productivity and contributes more toward works.

Improved service quality and responsiveness

service quality and responsivenes

Enterprise apps also influence the work environment quite positively by enhancing employee’s engagement and providing them with updated information that lets them instantly close a deal. With enterprise apps aimed at business intelligent purposes, executive can instantly be powered with all the required information that can increase the possibility of converting a lead or visit into sale.

Reduced operational cost

service quality and responsivenes

Enterprise apps also help companies reduce the infrastructural cost as these apps let employees contribute to their tasks from any location and even from their home without compromising in the quality and productivity of the work.

There may be several other benefits that the enterprise mobility can bring in to a business.

For more information and examples to our best of enterprise application implementations, please feel free to contact one of our executives at or drop your enquiry on We are working round the clock to help our clients with suitable solutions.

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