App Features

Smart devices support a long list of features. Expert developers can perfectly exploit them all to derive innovative functionalities into apps. The blend of these features lets developers offer creative solution to problem being solved via app.

At Rapidsoft Technologies, we know how prolifically use these features to devise desired functionalities into an application.

Here are the features we are able to devise in apps

Push Notifications

Push notification integration to an app is now easier than ever before. It’s the best way to send various sorts of user-behavior based notifications in real-time. We know how to create a system to integrate push notification to an app that remains engaging and can be customized to deliver better experience to end-user.

Video Streaming

Our team of app developers possesses experience in designing and developing app transmitting video live. With hands-on experience, we are able to implement a video streaming app with an easy and less expensive manner. Also, we can implement location tracking while streaming is on. We can do lots of other things with video streaming apps.

Software embedded

Do you need enterprise application development with software embedded? We know how to embed software controlling machines, devices and other hardware. We specialize in embedding a variety of hardware running with time and memory constraints. We have the technology knowhow as well as talent to do that.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality stands for both virtual, which isn’t real and reality, which actually exists. It’s a merge of both and we know how to do that. We know how to design and develop a mobile app which is near to reality. We have experience, expertise, and professionals to design and develop virtual reality apps for smart devices.

Payment Gateway Integration

We know the best of ways to integrate payment gateway to an app selling goods / services online. We can integrate almost all payment gateways like PayPal, Google, Amazon Payment, CCAvenue, Google Wallet, Quickpay, Braintree, Stripe, and lots of others. We can provide integration for multi-currency transactions.

QR & Bar Code Scanner Reader

The camera of modern smartphone isn’t just for capturing image or making video. It has some other productive usages too such as scanning barcode and QR code and accessing the information in these codes in a flash. We have developers as well as knowledge in designing and developing barcode / QR reading.

Quiz App

Rapidsoft also specializes in designing and developing quiz feature for apps which let users play quiz, challenge friends and earn points and invite friends as well as share score on social apps. We know the most interactive ways to create UI and UX of these sorts of apps to keep audience engaged.

Google Maps App

We have experience in integrating Google Maps into a variety of apps. We can also add several functionalities like point of interest and polylines, specify map control, display information window, read XML files and a lot more. In Google Maps apps we can give power to users accessing highly responsive geo-data, embedding intuitive mapping as well as showing detailed street and aerial data view.

Bluetooth technology

Do you need Bluetooth technology development to interact with devices such as various appliances, gadgets, tools connected to the web through the Internet of things concept?. We have experience to design and develop Bluetooth application to interact with various devices in short range.

GPS Integration

Rapidsoft Technologies is able to design and develop a variety of sorts of apps with GPS integration. GPS integration nowadays seek its place in almost all sorts of apps such as e-commerce, travel & tourism, goods delivery, gaming, fitness, social media, real-estate, restaurant, and lots of others.

Do you need an app with one or combination of above detailed featues? For more information, please feel free to contact one of our executives at +1 516 515 9871 or drop your enquiry on We are working round the clock to help our clients with suitable solutions.

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