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Rapidsoft is proud of a huge base of satisfied clientele. At Rapidsoft Technologies, we have pushed ourselves to limits. We respected time and money invested by each of our clients and delivered them what exactly they were looking for. When our people, technologies, services and solutions pleased our clients, following testimonials were written:

Rapidsoft Technologies developed my karaoke solution in every possible mobile platform (iOS, Android, J2ME, BB, Symbian, Brew, Windows Phone) and as a desktop app. Apart from karaoke, Rapidsoft also developed other MeraGana solutions for me including an on-demand music app, IPTV (Karaoke on Television), and online radio apps to stream live radio. They also helped with submission into the respective app stores. Read this review on Clutch

They perform well from the building aspect. Some of the timeliness could be improved, but I think that’s due to location and a bit of a language barrier. There’s a time difference of about eight hours between us. So, if they have issues with my reviews and upgrade suggestions, it can delay the upgrade for another 24 to 48 hours. It can take several hours to get a response, depending on the time of day. Up until 10 or 11 a.m. EST time, which is about 7 p.m. their time, they’re available and I can get a response. If I need anything resolved after that, it won’t be until the following day.

They have a dashboard we use to communicate. All the developers, as well as myself, have access to it, so whenever I send a message on the dashboard, they get it and an email is also sent out to everyone involved. We also Skype. If there’s an emergency, especially after launch when we needed updates, I can Skype one of the lead engineers. Read this review on Clutch

Shield Report

The freelancer (Rapidsoft) and their team I had the opturtunity to work with was both great and very professional, I would diffently work with this freelancer (Rapidsoft) and their team for any more projects and would recommed this freelancer (Rapidsoft) to anyone who is looking for a good freelancer.

Dealbira Wesly, Aresei

Rapidsoft has been a crucial partner in the development of our mobile platforms. They are always willing to go the extra mile and make sure that the project is delivered according to exact requirements. Rapidsoft is not just a supplier, we see them as part of the team.


Having worked with Rapidsoft on multiple mobile application development projects, I would like to formally recognize the consistent level of quality and dedication delivered by the Rapidsoft team.

All projects are handled efficiently, transparently and deliverables supplied timeously without fail.

I would highly recommend Rapidsoft for any mobile app development projects and look forward to working with them again in the near future.

Rate n Date

I have worked with Rapidsoft on many projects, large and small, over the past two years. I have witnessed the evolution and growth of Rapidsoft from a smaller development house, to a much larger mobile-focused powerhouse.

Z Think LLC

Our experience working with Rapidsoft was a good one. The service was personable and reliable even with the time difference and distance between us. They honored their word in development of our site as well as met all time agreements.

We, the founders of Moblivio, LLC., have used the services of Rapidsoft Technologies to meet our software development needs. Rapidsoft has developed, deployed and maintained software systems for Moblivio, LLC using Objective-C technologies / operating systems for the iPhone.


At Zoosware, we have lots of ideas for applications that we would like to turn into reality - fast. Rapidsoft never failed to meet our high expectations.


Rapidsoft is one of the cornerstones of our major ODP product development strategy, so it made sense to leverage its technological expertise as a way to help us achieve our technology goals better.

Steve Dias

With our project, there was only time to do it right. The Rapidsoft team helped us get our mobile applications ideas get business solutions correctly the first time, ensuring that we met our aggressive business plans.

Mark Headley

I must admit i was quite shocked at the level of professionalism and service i got from Rapidsoft Technologies, i've been dealing with companies for the past 6years mostly online due to the nature of my work which limits my engagement with the project as the client, which had led to a lot of miscommunication and information asymmetry in the past which leads to increased costs, longer timelines etc.

With Rapidsoft surprisingly, i didn't have that problem. Project was scoped out for a specific time and they delivered within that time with no extra cost which was a relief for me. They made sure we were on the right track every step of the way during the project. I'll definitely be using them for future projects and i'd recommend them to anyone looking to outsource software development.

The Me-Naissance Group (TMG)

Our overall corporate experience working with your company, has however proven to our "Line Technical CTO's and Others" that RAPIDSOFT has greatly adopted the culture of "Professionalism & Expertise", whilst delivering on projects.

Basically in:

  • Technological Architecture Understanding
  • Technology Development Phasing
  • Platforms & Platform Environment Scoping

We at Deeptechnical Intl.NG owners of DTI Technologies is more than 150% confident of hands-on comprehension from RAPIDSOFT Management and Developers.

Hence we are proud to do business with them.

DTI Technologies

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