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Gems & Jewellery

The Gems & Jewellery Industry is complex in nature. Businesses in this industry face several challenges, like cutting of gems / jewels, inventory management of high-cost items, working capital, and slow order processing due to critical operations, such & gems Jewels’ cutting, polishing, finishing, packaging, and delivery of finished products. Businesses dealing in gems & jewels can easily get into log jam working capital if any of the operations isn’t streamlined; however, the Information Technology based solutions can align every process running various operations smoothly.

Many small-medium businesses in the Gems & Jewellery industry are still carrying out their operations through disparate systems. They use separate software packages for book keeping, order management, inventory management, CRM to track leads / prospects / sales, production of items, and reports & data generations for forming strategy and making decisions.

Here are some top challenges faced by businesses operating in the Gems & Jewellery Industry with several disparate systems.

Data redundancy: When a business functions with several software packages, it’s common to experience data redundancy at any stage of operations. Redundant data can create confusions and inconsistency in operations.

Human errors:   There are strong chances of human errors being created as several processes are carried out, but they don’t interconnect each other.

Lower productivity:  When several software processes are tried to streamline manually, the productivity turns out to be too low, which further affects outputs.

Slower response time:   In turn, the overall response gets slower that halts businesses to get advantages of opportunities.

Following are the Gems & Jewellery services, software, and solutions offered by Rapidsoft :

  • Easy tracking of high net worth gems / jewels inventory regardless of they are raw, under-process or finished item.
  • Capture production process operation such as cutting, polishing, finishing, number of items, and scrap generation.
  • Ability to quick production of sales quotations.
  • Avoiding regeneration of same customer and product data
  • Effortless tracking of sales leads and sales-force.
  • Immediately placing purchase orders for items
  • Easy conversion a purchase requisition to purchase order with suppliers.
  • Advanced visibility to ensure allocation of working capital, labor, etc.
  • Easy tracking of orders and keeping customers updated to improve customer experience.
  • Generating reports and analytics aiding in forming rules, decisions making, and profitability by customers, supplier analysis and rating.

For more information on our IT services, software and solutions for the Gems and Jewellery industry, please feel free to contact one of our executives at +1 516 515 9871 or drop your enquiry on We are working round the clock to help our clients with suitable solutions.

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