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Data Migration

Businesses run on data, and as they grow, the volume and variety of data-flow also grow. Often time, for organizations, it becomes difficult to handle such large volume of data and thus there is need to migrate and reconcile data across systems.

Rapidsoft Technologies carefully designs data migration services to help organizations optimize data and manage all resources in the best way possible. We also aid organizations to deduce the infrastructure, which includes different costs related to hardware, maintenance, and investment that are not required in tuning the performance, security, and maintenance of databases.

What Rapidsoft Offers

Our Data Migration and Management Services

  •  Migrate from premises to Cloud 
  • Migrate from Cloud to Cloud

Our Support and Maintenance Services

We also offer off-the-rack solutions and framework for data migrations. They minimize risks, accelerate performance, and trim down costs of the migration operation.

Rapidsoft’s Data Migration Process

We deal with the key issues at the initial stages to save the effort in future.


  • Creating small POC before the actual migration
  • Collecting information related to Servers and Software including license.
  • Backing up of applications and data
  • Authenticating data format compatibility with Cloud requirements
  • Verifying if applications are compatible for migration to cloud


  • Setting-up applications in cloud.
  • Migrating from data’s cleansed version to cloud.
  • Performing functional and security testing.
  • Performing UAT to ensure that the cloud infrastructure is suitable and ready for the purpose.


  • Monitoring the cloud infrastructure usages and based on this can scale infrastructure

Write to Rapidsoft Technologies on for our Data Migration or consultation or contact one of your executives at +1 516 515 9871. We are working round the clock to help our clients with suitable solutions.

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