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Travel & Tourism

The global Travel & Tourism Industry is undergoing huge transformation led by the Information Technology. Businesses in this industry are adopting and implementing a wide range of IT solutions and systems to deliver the most amazing experience of touring. They have discovered that travelers are now well-connected with information. They demand quality digital experience, competitively priced packages, and expect to be acknowledged and answered in the real-time based on their concerns or preferences.

Rapidsoft Technologies provides high-quality, high-end digital transformation and technology solutions / services for businesses engaged in the travel and tourism industry. Our IT solutions for travel industry are based on innovative technology frameworks, which have full capacity to significantly improve time-to-market for travel / tour operators with desired information / packages and knowledge. Also, our solutions / systems lower the risk associated with the adoption of latest technology or trends.

Here are some top challenges faced by businesses in the Travel and Tourism industry.

Uncompetitive: The travel industry is quite competitive. It can be accessed via multiple ways, but many businesses in this industry aren’t able to stay buoyant and to hand out branding information across several channels.

Unaware of target markets:   Today, it’s the time of target marketing. One size doesn’t fit all requirements. Those having solutions based on one-size-fits-all marketing approach are not catering to all the consumers they can.

Multiple-platform incompatibility:  Consumers are using multiple ways to access a single service/ product provider. They have several device choices; from smartphones to tablets, to PCs, to laptops. No multi-platform compatibility means you are missing consumers from a device segment you have not yet optimized your online presence for.

Unfocused Solutions:   If you have not yet provided your customers with choices to directly participate in buying your offerings in their own way, compare several options by keeping them side-by-side, and get suggestions on cheapest but the best offers then they are going to move on to the one, which is serving them in this way.

No or Unmanaged Resource Optimization:   The success of a travel and tour operator depends on an efficient inventory management approach. If you do not have a proper resource optimization system, you would not be able to capture the essential analytics or data. These analytics or data are the only base to amplify business growth.

Rapidsoft powers Travel & Tour Operators to transform their IT strategies through:

  • Inventory Management
  • e-Ticketing and Reservations system
  • Hotel Booking Applications
  • Business Intelligence
  • Product Development and Re-Engineering
  • Data / DMS Integration, CMS Applications
  • Web Applications / Portals
  • Mobile Applications
  • Web Applications / Portals
  • Legacy Migration/Porting

For more information on our software development services and solutions for the Travel & Tourism Industry, please feel free to contact one of our executives at +1 516 515 9871 or drop your enquiry on We are working round the clock to help our clients with suitable solutions.

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