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IoT Solutions For Agriculture

IoT solutions for agriculture enable farmers and growers to minimize waste and enhance productivity. With IoT, agriculture & farming, one of the world’s oldest profession, turns easier with growing more food cleanly and sustainably. IoT solutions help farmers smartly monitor their crop-fields with the help of sensors which can measure light, humidity, temperature, soil moisture along weather and various other factors. They can automate the irrigation system and monitor the crop-fields.

With IoT solutions for agriculture, farmers are able to target not only large farming operations but they can also affectively carry out other growing like organic farming and family farming. The IoT solution driven farming also complies with the norms of environmental considerations, such as efficient use of water, optimization of inputs, and treatments.


  • Improper watering system
  • Unscientific use of pesticides
  • No system to measure rainfall
  • No data or system for predictive analysis
  • Imperfect Light, humidity, and temperature controlling systems for indoor farming
  • No system to measure crop stress, air temperature, humidity pressure


  • Smart irrigation system
  • Smart pest control system
  • Smart traps, and bait stations
  • Soil quality sensors
  • Light, temperature and relative humidity sensors
  • Data analytics

Rapidsoft Harnesses the Power of IoT

Rapidsoft facilitates Enterprises, IoT Platform Providers, and Device Manufacturers to utilize the potential of the connected things and the technology through its high-end IoT Application Development Services and Solutions.


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Rapidsoft Technologies is a leading IT company with detailed knowledge in IoT application development. Rapidsoft is capable of designing, developing, and deploying integrated agriculture IOT solutions for farmers

Write to Rapidsoft Technologies for IoT services or consultation or contact one of your executives at +1 516 515 9871. We are working round the clock to help our clients with suitable solutions.

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