Offshore Development Centre (ODC)

Software development with shared objective and vision

Offshore Development Centre (ODC)

With evolution in the global IT and software development market, the Offshore Development Center (ODC) Business Model (BM) is increasingly becoming popular. ODC BM helps increase productivity and reduces operating expenses of a software development project.

Offshore outsourcing has turned out be an integral part of businesses, from startups to large corporate. ODC or Offshore Development Center model is based on the same offshore outsourcing trend. It is a business engagement model involving dedicated people to work with the client and client's team complementing and increasing their bandwidth in terms of skills, experience and resources. The team for ODC business model works at the site of service provider in a secure and separate environment.

With the proven track record, Rapidsoft Technologies has been delivering mobile application development services based on the model of Offshore Development Center (ODC) business model.

Working Methodology

ODC is a long-standing engagement between the service provider and the client. It requires setting up the dedicated ODC with shared objective and vision. In this model, clients define the work to be outsourced to the dedicated number of resources. Clients also define the time and skills as well as the people who are going to work on their projects. Apart from this, clients would also project resources ramp up and ramp down for specific requirements.

The service provider may exclusively train all the people in team to match client's domain, technology, quality and other standards. The relationship or process manual takes care of standards, workflow, methodologies, processes and escalation procedures adopted for the client's ODC.

Rapidsoft Technologies has been the most professional company offering ODC services with its quality infrastructure, technologies and tools, dedicated Project / Program Managers and a strong administration & resourcing team.

Our Value Proposition as an Offshore Development Center includes:

  • Long-run Engagement
  • Virtual extension of client's operating environment
  • Time Zone Advantage
  • Cost-saving
  • Core Competency focus
  • Protection of Intellectual Property
  • Dedicated Infrastructure & Resources
  • Quality Assurance
  • Ramp Up & Ramp Down

Relationship Models:

Rapidsoft Managed ODC
This model-type fits a new or startup business during the launch-time of its products or services. We at Rapidsoft take complete responsibility of the on-time delivery and complete care of your products/services. Our delivery team closely cooperates with project management team to ensure the same.

Customer Managed ODC
This model is generally suited for well-set companies or services/products that already exist in the market and require their enhancement, or the company is looking for new series of product/services. The customer works with the company's Project manager and monitors the day-to-day process of the development team. It acts as an extension to customer's onshore team as here customer controls the team responsible for the project delivery.

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT)
This model is used when a company is planning to establish and operate dedicated offshore development and does not have software development or physical presence in offshore location. Rapidsoft Technologies forms the environment that is needed. We operate ODC during initial phase and then handover the ODC resources to the clients as per agreed terms of transfer.

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